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A.J. was a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic who trained at the Jedi Academy on Almas. A young woman, at the Academy, A.J. spent much time learning from Wookie Jedi Knight Kirlocca, a master swordsman, in the art of fighting with dual lightsabers. A.J. enjoyed the artistic nature of the dual lightsaber form as well as the centering she found in her cadences.

When it came time for A.J. to face the trials on Almas, specifically the Jedi Council that was a part of the trials, she was questioned on her desire to learn the skill of dual lightsaber fighting, questions that probed her inner desires as well as her beliefs in the Jedi philosophy. A.J. answers were enough to please the Council and she graduated from the Academy to join her fellow Jedi Knights in the greater galactic community to be a protector of peace and justice.